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The Sixth Episcopal District Leadership  

The Right Reverend Reginald T. Jackson
Supervisor Christy Davis Jackson, Esq

South Atlanta District Leadership

The Reverend Dr. David B. Rhone, Jr., Presiding Elder
Dr. Felicia H. Rhone, District Consultant

Church Administration

The Reverend Isaiah J. Waddy, M.Div., Senior Pastor
Mrs. Deborah Waddy, First Lady
The Reverend Courtney J. Mackey, M.Div., Executive Pastor

Ministerial Staff

The Reverend Dr. John F. Green, Executive Director for Global Witness & Ministry
The Rev. Hope Sims Sutton
The Reverend Alphonso Melvin, Minister of Prayer
Bro. Davion Stacker, Licentiate

Church Staff

Ms. Celestine Pratt, Administrative Assistant
Deacon Corey Sanford, Director of Worship & Arts
Mr. Danill Tobias, Music Director
Mr. Christopher Deigh, Perucussionist
Mr. Lenten Smith, Bassist
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